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Building Institution’s Credibility with Student Placement Policy – What HEIs Need to Know

Published on Jun 19, 2019

India has the largest student population, where across the country, tertiary enrollment rates have increased at a compound annual growth rate of 3.5% in the 5 years preceding 2016. The current enrollment stands at 36.6 million. (Source: Statistics Report 2017-18– Ministry of HRD)

In spite of persistent student growth, employers still whine about the lack of numbers in recruiting the right fit for the required job opportunities. This is because a large number of graduates who are freshly out of college are deprived of a real-time experience that would make them employable.

What HEIs Need to Know

  • Students look up to the Universities that undertake skilling programs as part of the academic curriculum.
  • The youth often choose Universities that vouch for learning outcomes and simultaneously build a foundation for student employability.
  • Students demand that the HEIs should amplify the industry-academia connect by offering on-job learning programs and apprenticeships; and by organizing on-campus job drives.
  • Universities that churn out a higher placement rate for former students influence the current prospective students

The Plan of Action

The Higher Education Institutions should follow a valid and consequential placement policy that would safeguard the interest of students. The benefits of the same and timely updates should be promptly communicated to the students with no delay. An Institution’s website is the first point of contact for the students to learn about the placement initiatives and programs, where current and prospective students should be able to decipher their career paths based on the available academic programs and the imminent campus recruitment calendar.

To meet the demand generation, establishing industry academic connect is imperative, where the Institutions are expected to be an influential conduit between the diverse spectrum of corporates and uniquely talented students. The placement policy, therefore, should be a student- driven, and moreover should facilitate the current and former students to intervene and contribute to recruitment activities.

Apparently, most of the companies are constantly investing huge amounts of resources in launching career fairs and campus visits to promote their brand and company values with hopes of attracting the best and brightest students entering the workforce. The placement officer, together with the student association can put in their best efforts to get the top recruiters on campus and run the placement season smoothly. Furthermore, HEIs can capitalize on the unwavering association with the leading corporates and upraise the NAAC accreditation and ranking.

In summary, it is evident that the strength of the student population is one of the deciding factors for a University’s credibility, and a substantial placement rate is directly proportional to the scale of a University’s ranking.