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Administering LMS

In India out of 1.5 million educators, only 10% of them ever used technology for teaching before the pandemic phase. With COVID 19 becoming the threshold of education, just like many other countries, we were pushed to move online unprepared. While the focus remained on choosing platforms and tools, the fact that online teaching is a different pedagogical tool and requires a unique approach was left unattended. To enable the enablers and bridge this gap, we at Schoolguru are trying to do our bit of good by launching a course on Administering a Learning Management System. With this course, we aim at helping educators from all divisions of education learn to operate and manage any standard LMS in the world. We very strongly feel that a right move today will make a huge difference- our educators will rise as flag bearers of quality and advancement, and our institutions will make a seamless switch to the Learning of the future!

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Online Learning Platform

Our Learning Management System and the Lurningo App have a user-friendly interface and deliver engaging features that include gamification of the content, live sessions by the faculty, assignment submissions, evaluation tools, collaboration, student support helpline and notifications that help students stay connected with their Institution.

Assessment Platform

Our Online Assessment Platform is a multi-faceted platform that supports various test formats viz. MCqs, subjective assessments, gamification, aptitude test, and skill tests. It is highly modular and configurable and suppons multi-section workflow to suit students of different competencies. The system automates most administrative processes: pre- exam, exam conduction and post-exam processes using a user friendly interface.

Online Program Management

Universities can launch their programs in the online mode using our managed services that handle admission and fee management, academic services, content services, student support services and assessment management services. Schoolguru also deploys a professional team of experts who work closely with the University in managing the day to day functioning of the online programs cell of the University. Our OPM services come with the unique advantage of Zero Capex cost and can enable a University to launch its online programs within 6 weeks through our rapid deploy model.

Content Development

The Company has strong partnerships with subject matter experts, content writers, professors, teachers and other stakeholders from the academia. The academic content is authored by the professors and industry veterans. We help Universities develop textual, audio-visual and other all types of study reference material for their students.

Admissions Management

Student admissions and the related processes are highly pivotal and crucial for Universities. The management of data at different levels can become cumbersome if not managed well. Our Admissions Management Solution is designed to help Universities optimise their student enrolments and streamline the entire process.

Fee Management

Our Fee Management Solution allows for quick remittances of student fees using secure payment gateways. The online system impeccably calculates the fees of every student, taking into account all the considerations of scholarships, exam fees, learning material fees and any other student-specific charges.

Employability Services (WorkX)

Work‘ is a unique diploma program that integrates online learning, in-class counselling, practical on-job training to help students earn their work experience and make them employable. Work’ is associated with AICTE's NEEM program (National Employability Enhancement Mission), is aligned to the Skill India Mission of the Govt of India and provides shilling and apprenticeship opportunities to all students even before they graduate. Work’ is offered as a part of the regular curriculum and helps students in deciding the field of their interest and improve employability. This program is an opportunity for students to build their experience and get associated with leading corporates even before they graduate.

Student Support and Retention

Every student is assigned a student success advisor for assisting him/her in the learning experience. These advisors are responsible for student support in all academic matters, including login information, course registration, assignments, submissions, exam notification, and fee renewals. We help Universities set up their student services operations using people, process and technology enabling a multimodal student support infrastructure.

Alumni Management

The 'Alumnate' portal creates a great platform for two-way communication, interaction, and connection between the University and the alumni, where the University keeps a track of the whereabouts, accomplishments, and achievements of each alumnus and may also reach out to them for any assistance that it may seek.