SG Edge

Large Pool of Academicians

Schoolguru works with over 2500 professionals from academia and industry. These academicians work on various projects which include creation of textual study material, creation of audio-visual tutorials, creation of question banks, providing academic support to students, conducting virtual classroom sessions and mentoring students.

Countrywide Studio Network

Schoolguru has invested in about 20 modern AV studios that are located across the country and are used to create content for our partner Universities. The studios are equipped with all modern facilities to be able to create world class videos lectures. These studios are available to our partner Universities for conducting their online sessions.

Multilingual Capability

Schoolguru has commendable expertise in preparing academic content in vernacular medium. The company has been helping its partner universities conduct their courses in several regional languages: English, Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Assamese, Marathi and Gujarati.

Student Support Service

The student support teams, deployed at various universities, provide online support to the students of the University. The teams provide assistance on administrative and academic issues to the students. The teams are equipped to support the students through integrated IVR system, SMS, emails, app notifications and live chat that handles the queries of the students on the University websites. This team works with the University in various matters including examination support, renewal fee collections & study material.

App-based Mobile Learning

Schoolguru has developed a state of the art mobile application, Lurningo, that is designed to cater to the specific needs of Indian students. Taking into consideration that the internet penetration and network is not uniform across the country, the mobile application has been designed to operate in the offline mode as well. This innovative mobile app provides, learning, interaction with faculty, analytics, student support, skilling and placement assistance through a unified interface.

Apprenticeships & Early Work Experience

The Employment Linked Skilling Program (ELSP) is the flagship product of Schoolguru that provides several finishing skills and domain knowledge to the students and makes them job-ready. The apprenticeship program, NETAP, is integrated with the NEEM program of AICTE and GoI and helps students learn-on-the-job as well as earn handsome stipend as they get trained in various corporates. Schoolguru, through its group company, TeamLease, also provides placement assistance to all ELSP students of the University.