Workx serves to be the most efficient tool for the Corporate, where companies get access to a large pool of university students, who have been specifically trained for several finishing skills through our Work Integrated Diploma Program. Schoolguru undertakes this arrangement as a People Supply Chain Solution that creates a sustainable and custom-made sourcing channel established through our Exclusive Partnership with India’s Leading Universities.

Workx is a solution to the challenges in employee hiring, productivity and retention. The training program underlines the industry-specific needs and long-term investment goals of corporates, where they can draw highly skilled aspiring graduates at no additional investment. Hiring professionals, on the other hand get better access to a continuous pool of qualified candidates who are young, performance-driven, willing to adapt and demonstrate a learner approach towards work.

Currently, we have more than 100 thousand students getting trained across the country under the initiative and are looking forward to joining the industry as trainees (apprentices).

Key Highlights

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2-Way Learning

While the Workx trainees put their learnings to work, we make sure that their learning curve continues to move upwards by means of consistent tutoring by our trainers in the background through assignments and assessments. As a result of this two-way learning, the productivity yield is much higher from a work x trainee viz a regular, fresher trainee.


Trained Trainees

Every trainee is trained on the basics of the domain that they opt for, corporate etiquettes, communication and computer skills so that the transition between the college and corporate life is smooth. We make sure that only qualified workx trainees, i.e. the ones who have been able to pass the assessment successfully, reach your workplace. Resultant to this, the trainees are highly receptive to the instructions and are productive within the shortest time.


Stickiness Factor

Since the completion of the 12 month’s period at a workplace is a mandate on the trainee in order to become work x certified diploma holder, it acts as a major stickiness factor


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