Tuition-reimbursement programs are nothing new, but companies are now realizing the benefits of teaming up with universities offering programs that are specific to enforcing the skill set they’re looking for in their employees.

Through our exclusive partnership with India’s leading Universities, we offer a wide range of more than 250 Degree Programs, Diploma Programs and Certification Programs both at the undergraduate and the post-graduate levels. All University programs are accredited and approved by the Distance Education Bureau; and are underpinned by a rich learning experience providing flexibility and personalisation to the students while they complete or upgrade their formal education.

By providing employees with the opportunity to learn and advance their career, companies are creating a culture of engaged employees who don’t necessarily feel the need to leave the company to pursue their next opportunities. This results not only in greater retention rates, but a more well-rounded, smarter workforce.

Sending employees back to school is a win-win for both employees and employers. Companies get a better skilled workforce and a pool of employees that can work their way up in the company, and employees get credentials that might help them climb the career ladder.

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