The quality of content used for training and assessment purpose can make the difference between success and failure of your business. To train and induce new and even existing workforce to the latest changes is both economically taxing and also eats up lots of productive work hours. All the more, long hours of eLearning sessions are not considered useful and have been identified to reduce work performance of the employees. At Schoolguru, we comprehend your specific requirements and focus on developing content that is highly effective for targeted learners and is of course result oriented. We also make sure that before we actually start working over any project, we make an in-depth study of your specific business model and your exact requirements, and everything else that we can know about the targeted group of learners.

Our content developers are academia professionals who have an experience of over a decade in core learning content development. The team ensures that our e-learning content solutions correspond to the industry relevant standards and proves engaging as well as useful for targeted learners. The gamification features and animation-based e-learning modules create visual impact for easy learning. The content developed is compatible with multiple delivery channels and also available in regional languages.

Our innovative learning content development yields improved, measurable outcomes; substantial cost savings; and the ability to develop and deliver training and learning more quickly. Schoolguru's learning and development specialists have designed, developed, and delivered tens of thousands of hours of customized learning content for the employees, customers, and business partners of leading companies countrywide.