Businesses have begun to take a more targeted approach in their corporate social responsibility programs and are seeking to impact areas that have a correlation with their own business goals. For many businesses, education is an important part of their plans, since the needs exist in all geographic areas, across all subject areas, and for all kinds of people.

In order to promote economic and industrial development in a country, the essential requirement is the capacity to develop skilled manpower of good quality in adequate number. On one hand, with the establishment of the Companies Act, India has become one of the few countries in the world to have a statutory provision on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The Act provides mandatory contribution towards CSR with education being specified as an eligible activity.

Schoolguru offers corporates to surpass the CSR for creating best human capital and also advocates the significances of CSR for promoting education and various initiatives of companies in education sector as a corporate responsibility to expand education. Our TeamLease Education Foundation partners with various corporate organizations, who want to invest in their Corporate Social Responsibility activities through our skill development initiatives that focuses towards helping students from the weaker sections of the society to complete their Education.

Students who want to up-skill themselves enrol under our exclusive program and are ready to join the workforce as apprentices, thus contributing towards the collective national employment rate of the country. Schoolguru offers companies to sponsor the program for the students of rural areas who demonstrate hard work, commitment and are willing to kick start their careers. Such an investment initiative will not only help the sponsoring company build its brand visibility but would also allow the company to make a significant contribution toward the national employability index.