Continuing education can boost an employee’s career in several ways. On the surface, it may seem like these extra courses and certifications only solely benefit employees. However, continuing education is also a great investment for employers and businesses.

Schoolguru creates customized job-role based diploma/certificate programs with your company’s unique constraints and challenges in minds. We work with your managers to help define needs and then coordinate with University faculty to design a targeted, needs- based learning experience. The innovative partnership helps create role-based, job-specific programs that can be offered to the employees through one of our partner Universities.

Role-based learning refers to the task-based and customized learning modules that depend on the specific roles and function in a company and puts the training in the context of a specific role and what it takes to perform in that role. The learning programs ensure that relevant training is delivered for the specific roles and that your employees learn the skills relevant to their job role. On the other hand, role-based learning helps your employees to gain a deeper knowledge of the industry through practical and relevant information and employees feel that the training is specially developed for their role which boosts their confidence and commitment towards their work. Additionally, the professional certifications enable employees for growth and future promotion opportunities.

Our tailored approach to blended learning programs is an efficient way of knowledge transfer to your teams that allows your employees to engage with your organization and strengthens the job value and the brand image.

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