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Build a Well-Rounded Curriculum as per the UGC Quality Mandate: Schoolguru Addresses Universities

Published on Jun 25, 2019

It would probably not be hard to get a consensus around the proposition that universities should aim for high quality in both their pedagogy and their research; but it is much harder to identify what quality is, how it can be recognised and how it can be measured.

The quality of academic content can be gauged against the available learning opportunities that are propitious and favour student employability. It comprises of proficient pedagogy, prompt support, timely assessments and additional facilities that foster student competencies.

In the current scenario, with the emergence of new technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Universities can now discover advanced ways of delivering education programs.

Schoolguru’s Content Development and Digitization Services for Universities

In today’s digital world students want to be able to access the learning resources from anywhere, anytime and any device. This is driving the Universities to look for cost-effective way of digitizing valuable content and to enhance the visibility & outcome of their syllabus.

As a solution, Schoolguru facilitates machine learning, data analytics, deep learning, big data and natural language processing to help Universities launch their ODL programs. The Company provides high quality and cost-effective imaging, content digitization, and archival digitization services to the Universities.

Our academic content solutions carry the following attributes that help Universities meet the student demand, industry demand and reinforce the value of learning.

  • Standardization: The University remains involved in content creation during the whole stages of course building and documentation so that it is effectively streamlined with the course content of regular programs.
  • Innovation: Schoolguru has pioneered the development and use of new delivery mechanisms, including a full range of eLearning tools that inspires analytical thinking and creativity through experiential learning.
  • Student Engagement: The gamification, active student notifications, app reminders and interactive learning increases student attention and focus, motivates them to practice higher-level critical thinking skills and promotes meaningful learning experiences.
  • Learning Outcome/Retention: In spite of the challenges associated with student retention in online learning, there is a gradual rise in the number of students who are seeking flexible degrees and often wanting to balance study with part-time or full- time work.

Currently, Schoolguru Eduserve is successfully deploying its online learning platform and academic services in partnership with 20 Universities at No Capital Expense by the Universities and with no financial/project risk to the Universities.

In summary, High Performing Institutions acknowledge the need of technology and industry connect in building a rich core curriculum that ultimately empowers students to develop convictions and reach their full academic and social potential.