Engaging | Purposeful | Employable

Live Your Passion

We are doing some extremely exciting things in education sector and would love to have the best minds to create solutions that would leave a legacy for generations to come. Each and every employee has the opportunity to make a significant contribution and excel in the role they want to pursue their career.

Accelerated Growth

Here you will be challenged every day to innovate and bring in fresh thoughts. You would be guided by experienced hands who have worked across multiple sectors and environments.

Your Opinion Matters

SchoolGuru believes in a participatory working environment where everyone is promoted to challenge existing norms and procedures. There is an employee portal where different teams reach out to the collective for ideas and feedback.

Work-Life Balance

Due to the explosive growth that startups are associated with, work-life balance generally gets pushed to the background. SchoolGuru strongly feels that employees enjoy and deliver superior performance when they can balance between their personal and work life and strives to create an environment for the same.


At SchoolGuru, you would literally find colleagues from the length and breadth of the country. We have a favourable gender ratio and women are encouraged to take leadership roles. We strongly believe that Diversity sows the seed for a nourishing work environment and promotes growth of the organization through constructive debates and discussions.