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Student Service Excellence

India is a diverse country with 29 states and 7 Union Territories (UT). Each state/ UT has a different culture and student requirement. SchoolGuru has developed a vast network of affiliates involved in admission counselling that supports the students in learning programs as dictated by local demand.

To reach the non-english speaking students, we have developed content in vernacular languages to suit their requirements and encourage them to pursue their higher education. This learning style brings in much more interactivity and helps the students to make best use of high quality education in a learning environment that they are familiar with. A 2015 report by Aslanian Market Research and the Learning House puts reputation and cost as the primary factors for students to select an educational institution in the distance learning mode. SchoolGuru has been able to provide high quality online learning facilities replete with strong student support at a cost comparable to regular distance learning mode due to the scale at which we operate.