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SchoolGuru partners with leading Universities across the world to provide a holistic online learning experience for students. We offer end to end services that covers all touch points that a student has with the University. The University can choose to opt for 360 degree services or a bouquet of services that they require to attract, enrol, educate and support students.

We believe that access to quality education is a basic human right and we empower Universities to provide the same to their students.

  • Management of Online Learning Platform

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    Management of Online Learning Platform

    SchoolGuru provides complete technology infrastructure for the University to manage students and for students to complete their learning. SchoolGuru provides students access to student portal which can be accessed on desktop or as a mobile application. The student portal provided by SchoolGuru is a one stop solution linking students to University. The portal has a host of features including Learning Management System (LMS), Issue Resolution System and University Management System.

  • Admission and Fee Management

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    Admission and Fee Management

    For each University, SchoolGuru has dedicated counselors who attend enquiries from prospective students and provides right guidance to the students in choosing the program that is best suited to their personal and career goals. Schoolguru has developed an in-house Lead Management System that provides deep insights into student's educationalrequirements.

    Schoolguru's automated fee management system enables web based online payments (Payment Gateway integrated) and also handles the Offline payments as DD or Cheques. We have also integrated the platform to accept payments through POS based Card terminals. Schoolguru provides this complete platform as a managed service to the University at no extra cost. The platform is well integrated with proper MIS and an alerting system to handle defaults.

  • Student Helpdesk and Support Management

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    Student Helpdesk and Support Management

    We understand that students taking admissions from far flung areas would need to contact the University for administrative and academic reasons. Schoolguru's student contact center and the web based support infrastructure provide the right guidance to the students for all such needs. For students who are not tech-savvy, SchoolGuru organizes training sessions so that they can perform at the same level as their peers. Schoolguru, on behalf of the University, also organizes frequent chat sessions with the academic team to ensure proper guidance to the students.

  • Student Retention and Continuity Management

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    Student Retention and Continuity Management

    SchoolGuru closely interacts with the students to provide them a learning experience that is enriching and fun. Through interactive video lectures, online quizzes and chat sessions, students are continuously engaged and motivated. The students are encouraged to chat with the lecturers and care is taken that queries are addressed at the earliest or students can track the progress of their query.

  • Content Development and Management

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    Content Development and Management

    Academic team is one of the key pillar of strength for SchoolGuru. The team works with more than 500 veteran faculty members spread across the country. The content is developed by experienced professionals having academic and industry experience and focuses on building a learning experience that sets the students to achieve success in their career. The academic team spends considerable amount of time on researching best practices and content from across the world.

  • Messaging Platform Management

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    Messaging Platform Management

    SchoolGuru manages the messaging platform that takes care of complete communication between the University and the students. Through the platform, the University can update students regarding any notification or news related to the University.

  • Alumnate

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    In an era of constrained resources, strong relations with alumni is critical to a successful University brand. Graduates are among an institution's greatest asset and it is equally important to develop long lasting bonds between the alma mater and alumni as it is to nurture high quality intellectuals through rigorous academic pedagogy. SchoolGuru provides a centralized platform where a University can share news & notification to its alumni. The alumni can share success stories, provide feedback or even communicate directly with the concerned department for any administrative needs.

  • Marketing and Brand Management

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    Marketing and Brand Management

    The SchoolGuru marketing and brand management team, led by seasoned and veteran professionals creates a proper positioning and branding plan for the University programs. The team extensively uses an ideal mix of traditional and new age media to reach the right target segment. Online education is still a new phenomenon for the masses and the communication highlights the programs and the benefits associated with learning online. Due to the various marketing initiatives, the Universities associated with SchoolGuru are perceived as forward looking, student centric, quality oriented and modern.