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Our Approach

Our approach aims to deliver high quality educational experience to Indian students in every nook and corner in the country. To attain this, we partner with leading Universities in the country and abroad and provide services that make education an enjoyable experience for the students. Our partner Universities can use our modularly designed, managed platform services in multiple ways.

Universities can use our online platform to improve the learning outcomes of their ODL (Open and Distance Learning) students. Our powerful audio-visual learning tools which work beautifully on all smart phones comes as a great help to the students of the distance learning programs of the Universities.

Universities with regular classroom students can use our services to complement traditional classroom learning. Our highly interactive and engaging learning platform beautifully complements the classroom education provided in several affiliated colleges of the university. The students have access to the video lectures of the professor which sets the perfect tone for a flipped classroom model.

Universities can launch ICT Enabled programs as a separate line of offering where end-to-end services would be taken care by SchoolGuru.