Yash Gadhiya

Vice President - Technology

As VP Technology, Yash Gadhiya is responsible for strategizing and implementing the technology roadmap at SchoolGuru. At the forefront of our drive in innovation and technology, he leads our charge in identifying the next big disruption in digital technologies and our investments in technology.

A commerce graduate from the University of Mumbai, Yash found his calling in the technology world and recognized the revolution that was happening in the IT sector. He started his career in 2003 as a programmer with the aim of starting his own company one day. In 2005 he founded Uconomix Technologies to provide outsourced software development services to a global clientele and successfully pivoted the business model towards building software products.

Yash brings the same entrepreneurial drive and energy at SchoolGuru. He likes the start-up like atmosphere at SchoolGuru and the challenges and opportunities it presents.When he is not envisioning and developing software applications, Yash likes to spend time taking photos at his home studio, blogging and playing with his daughter.