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How A Partnership Works

SchoolGuru works with prominent Universities in the country to help them address the challenges faced by their students.

Our efforts at excellence have won us many plaudits from our partners and we have maintained a long term working relationship with them. SchoolGuru, the University and the student share a bond where there is a winner only in collective excellence.

In SchoolGuru’s partnership model, the University is free to choose from among the bouquet of services offered. Based on the University requirement, we can offer an overarching 360 degree solution or provide tailored solutions for each service.

At SchoolGuru, each University relationship is headed by one of the Managing Directors who has a dedicated team , headed by a Project Manager to support core operational services and an ancillary team to support other services. The project manager is the single point of contact for any operational needs of the University. Our dedicated team works as an extension of the University and plays an integral role in safeguarding the interests of our partners. Our team blends in seamlessly with the university’s team and ensures that they receive personal attention in every service offered.