Employment Linked Skilling Program

The recent Quality Mandate from UGC set forth a set of objectives for all HEI’s (Higher Education Institutes) to improve the quality of education imparted to the students. All HEI’s have been directed to strive to get a minimum of 50% of the students to employment (includes self-employment). To achieve this objective, the regulator has also directed all HEI’s to ensure that essential finishing skills, soft skills and professional skills are imparted to the students to make them industry and job ready.

Often it has been found that the wage premium attached to a University degree is weaning away due to several reasons like the increasing Gross Enrolment Ratio (which means that there are more graduates available in the market today), the instability of large corporates owing to disruptions caused by automation, technology and innovations (average life of a Fortune 500 Corporates has come down from 65 years to 15 years now) and non-alignment of the University curriculum with market reality. Most graduating students are found to be deficient in finishing skills, domain skills and professional skills that lead to their non- selection during job interviews.

Schoolguru, the leader in Online Program Management and TeamLease, the leading HR Services firm of India, together, launched India’s first, finishing skills program that uses a multi-modal training strategy: Online, On-the-Job, On-Campus, Always On, Crowdsourced and Gamified!

This ambitious Employment Linked Skilling Program (ELSP) is linked to the AICTE’s NEEM program (National Employability Enhancement Mission) and provides apprenticeship opportunities to all students so that they can acquire the necessary skills while being associated with a corporate. Upon completion of their apprenticeships, students are provided with placement assistance by our partner TeamLease. Schoolguru works with various Universities to implement and integrate this ELSP + Apprenticeship + Placement Assistance program for their students.

Why Apprenticeship

Over the past decade, fee rises, automated intelligence, skills shortages and economic uncertainty have created the perfect opportunity for apprentices to thrive in the education system. Graduates with work experience are more attractive to a recruiter than those without

Apprenticeships Across Industries

We specialize in offering entry-level positions that are available with reputed companies across various industries.

2500+ Corporate Clients
45000+ Apprentices
155000+ People on Job


Schoolguru provides apprenticeships through its NETAP program of TeamLease that is approved by Ministry of Skill Development, GOI and AICTE. TeamLease Services is counted amongst one of the largest staffing companies in India. Established in 2002, TeamLease Services, a Fortune 500 company listed on both NSE & BSE markets has a presence in 150 locations, with 2500+ corporate clients across various industry verticals and 1800 employees across the country. The company at present has about 155,000 associates/trainees and have till date given employment to 1.7+ million people and further proposes a vision to hire millions in coming years.

Corporate Clients