As businesses become more competitive, it becomes imperative for organizations to provide content to their workforce anytime, anywhere, to close a deal or perform a job. This holds true for workforce that is constantly on the move and needs immediate access to vital pieces of information. Also, since they have small windows of time available to them between their hectic schedules of appointments, travel, and commute, they seek just-in- time learning, targeted and distilled information, and the ability to learn when it is convenient for them.

Our Mobile first Learning Platform, ‘Lurningo’, enables collaborative and gamified learning powered by powerful analytics and augmented reality. is the first and the only learning platform that provides formal education from the Universities and customised in- house programs on an integrated mobile platform. The platform can be used by our Corporate clients to create their own courses, conduct live interactive sessions, measure using our intelligent audio-visual assessments, and use the analytics to compare and measure progress. The app is designed to help your workforce maximize productivity and minimize downtime; and access formal learning content, reference or performance support content while on the move.

The app with its innovative content authoring tool, facilitates synchronous as well as asynchronous learning and 24*7 accessibility to the learning content. allows for a rich use of media formats including videos, books, abstracts, podcasts, quizzes/assessments, flashcards, quick tips etc., to make the learning more relevant, interesting, contextual and immersive. The app enables hiring professionals to address corporate training needs that include: induction and onboarding, soft skills training, professional skills training, product training, sales training, leadership training as well as the compliance training.