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A SchoolGuru initiative enabling alumni connect with their alma mater globally at absolutely zero cost

The alumni are the living embodiment for every academic institution. The institute lives on through their deeds and achievements. Alumni are an institution's most loyal supporters. They represent the University’s academic culture and present themselves as greatest brand ambassadors for the educational institutions. Members of Alumni have the potential to generate invaluable word-of-mouth marketing among their social and professional networks. By engaging alumni, an institution can continue to benefit from their skills and experience.

To build such credibility and strong relations between alumni and the institutions, Schoolguru Eduserve is proud to launch Alumnate, a free portal for all Educational Institutions to manage their alumni network. The portal is a part of the Company’s philanthropic initiative to encourage networking and partnership opportunities amongst alumni.

Alumnate offers an Institution to make a genuine attempt in supporting its alumni in their professional and personal lives by reconnecting with them, providing them with a social and professional network and offering preferential access to on-campus expertise. Alumni, with dedicated support can achieve substantial positions of success and influence, which in return will bring reputation and build a solid foundation for the Institution.

At Alumnate, alumni can enhance the value of the institution, an and in return elevate their own degree qualification. Alumnate is a free network to pool innovation and create long lasting business partnerships. The portal will serve as a great resource for budding start ups and entrepreneurs.

The Company welcomes every Educational Institution to sign up for free and benefit from the exclusive networking portal.